This page is for new bands (without record deals) who want free promotion
       for their music. If you play in a psychobilly band and want your music to
       be published here, send your audio files and band information by e-mail and i will put the songs up on the site.
       1 or 2 songs will be enough and the songs should be in mp3 format.
       High quality is recommented.

       Midnight Maniax (Germany) Facebook Homepage
       - Planet Bug   added 25/03/14
       - Deathtrain To Texas   added 25/03/14

       Nothing To Gain (US) Reverbnation Facebook Youtube Youtube
       - Ballad Of Jimmy Clark   added 08/12/13

       Bloodstrings, The (Germany) Myspace Facebook Youtube Youtube e-mail:
       - Blackcat   added 05/05/13
       - Howl To The Moon   added 05/05/13

       Clockwork Psycho (Slovenia) Myspace Reverbnation Facebook Youtube Youtube e-mail:
       - The Lost Boys Choir   added 16/03/13
       - Today I Met The Maker   added 16/03/13

       Dead By Dawn (England) Reverbnation Facebook e-mail:
       - Re-Animator   added 16/03/13
       - All The Ghouls Love..   added 16/03/13

       Hellfish (Italy) Myspace Facebook Youtube Youtube Homepage e-mail:
       - Surf Psychos Must Die   added 16/11/12
       - Wrist Facture Boogie   added 16/11/12

       Razzle Dazzle (Russia) e-mail:
       - Gangster Crew   added 28/10/12
       - Swampy Land   added 28/10/12

       Carrie & The Dirty Pillows (US) Reverbnation Facebook Youtube e-mail:
       - Porcelain God   added 03/10/12