I found my intrest in psychobilly when i heard Batmobile playing on the radio
       in 1986. I was a rockabilly kid at those times and it took a while until i found
       out the music was called psychobilly. But whatever the music was, i thought
       it was great and the sound really changed my whole life forever.

       I've also been a musician since 1980 and played in several different bands.
       At the age of ten i started to play drums but changed later my main instrument
       to guitar because i wanted to make own songs. Nowadays i sing and play the
       guitar in Thee Apple Thieves and in some other band projects like Chainsaw
       Charlie's, Hutnutmen, Hautapaahdin and Mickey Whyte's One-Man
       Psychobilly Band.

       The site is dedicated to the memory of two young ex-Apple Thieves guitarists
       Hemppa and Jukkis who died tragically in 2012. You guys will be always missed.

       Mickey Whyte